Girl Scout Badge Workshops

The workshops for all levels follow the guidelines for badges listed in the Girl Scout Handbook. Troops are responsible for purchasing their own badges once requirements have been met.

Each workshop runs for 1 hour and can be tailored to meet your troop's needs. Mural projects for special events also can be done during Girl Scout Workshops.

Some examples of badges that can be worked on at WFS are:


  • Potter (Craft)*

  • Senses (Investigation)

  • Home Scientist (Science and Technology)

  • Making Games (Creative Play)

  • Inventor (Innovation)

  • Painting (Artist)

  • Make Your Own (Make your Own Badge)

Junior Girl Scouts:

  • Jeweler (Craft)

  • Playing the Past (Creative Play)

  • Product Designer (Innovation)

  • Naturalist (Flowers)

  • Drawing (Artist)

  • Make Your Own (Make Your Own Badge)


  • Book Artist (Craft)

  • Science of Happiness (Science and Technology)

  • Comic Artist (Artist)

  • Trees (Naturalist)

  • Special Agent (Investigation)

  • Make Your Own (Make Your Own Badge)


  • Textile Artist (Craft)

  • Collage Artist (Artist)

  • Science of Style (Science and Technology)

  • Make your Own (Make Your Own Badge)

The Cost:
The cost for a 1 hour Badge Workshop, including art supplies, is $20 per student with the exception of potter/clay workshops. These workshops are $30 per student to cover the cost of supplies.

Please call Gretchen @ 508.544.9638 for scheduling and details.